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Dossier to Labs

Our mentors

our mentors

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Our mentors

our mentors

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Any Myanmar citizen of above eighteen years residing in Myanmar or overseas can apply irrespective of their film industry background. In special case, any citizen of southeast asia filmmakers can apply if they do really need it clinic.

Mostly English. For those who don’t speak English, do not worry, we have Burmese mentors. For forum & workshop, we will have voice auto translation.

At the moment, we are going to do an online ( Zoom Clinic).

We will do free consultation for you with our experiences.

We do not have a rejection on your application. But we do look for you to apply with a complete dossier. If you don’t have a complete dossier, we will ask you to work on the dossier and you can apply again.

Yes, you can apply for any kind of projects (shorts, fictions, documentaries, animations,etc).

We wish you to come with a priority project of your own. You can apply because there is no rejection. But we will read and discuss which one is the most important for you.

We do not have any funding support for our own clinic. But you will gain a wider network and understanding about international production.

We are not doing a pitching lab or project market. We hope your project gets into international project markets. This is our goal. We hope you get international experiences. Ofcourse, you don’t need to pitch to us but we can help you know how to pitch when you get into the labs and markets.

At the moment, we have to say NO.